About Raoson

RAOSON Business & Softech Solutions Pvt Ltd is a well-diversified group having its presence in Software Development, Consultation to Small & Medium Enterprises, Process Management Solutions & Digital Marketing Services. With over 16 years of experience in Marketing for Finance & IT, Mr Nayan Kumar Rao, a visionary entrepreneur, laid the foundation of RAOSON Business & Softech Solutions Pvt Ltd in the year 2013 with an objective to empower entrepreneurs to sustain in global competitive environment.

In India, 97% of the businesses caters to SME segment and our vision behind venturing into the segment is to offer competitive edge to the sector which has been facing cut-throat competition due to advancement in technology. The SME sector consists of 36 million units with the capacity to employ over 80 million people and is contributing about 8% of our GDP through 6000+ products.

process management

This indicates that there is great potential for development in this sector. Moreover these units does not have any specialized team to take care of their marketing & process management requirements. The services enables the client to focus on their main business without getting worried about marketing activities. With our expert digital marketing service we enable clients to explore new markets and client segments, gain better brand reputation and capture substantial market share.

We offer end-to-end marketing & process management solutions by creating virtual platform. The services range from identifying problems, charting opportunities, SWOT analysis, Improving business presence, helping diversifying into various segments, incorporate and improve lead management system and thus conducting 360 degree promotion & process management for the client.

Company’s approach is to focus on design, delivery, and continuous improvement of services, according to the requirements of our clients. For IT solutions, company extended services from building customized tools for Emerging businesses to supporting data-intensive forms of research like BPO & KPO along with infrastructure management and data management.

The company has got in-house team of SEO, SMO, Content Writers, Graphic Designers, Visualizers, Media Planner and Media Buyer for marketing activities and UI designers, PHP developers, System Administrator & Application Developer for web & mobile platforms that ensure best quality with deadline management.

Company Goals

To provide advisory services to investors by educating them with analytics & trends to enable them make profitable investment that lead to financial freedom and to provide end-to-end technology & marketing solutions to small & medium scale enterprises by developing personalized solutions and promotions that help businesses achieve sustainable position.

“To become a guide to growth for fervent investor and entrepreneur”

Following are the main foundation pillars on which the entire business has been based. They are the underpinning of our company culture.

  • We build relation, not the business : Our prime focus is on building strongest bonding with our stakeholders and make them a significant part of our business.
  • We offer personalized solutions : We analyse, innovate, develop & implement the solution for any specific problem related to process automation with guaranteed solution.
  • We act as growth driver : We help clients, which are our key stakeholders, explore new market opportunities and utilize their potential in the most profitable way.
  • We offer sustainability : We empower our key stakeholders with advanced technology and global platform that help them successfully compete in the market.
  • We offer financial freedom: Our analytical tools that we have developed in-house, enables our client to minimize the risk and maximize the returns from commodity market & mutual fund.
  • We create growth opportunities for our employees: By offering them grooming programme and open work environment we boost the creativity and create pleasant work environment.
  • Our Profit is Client Satisfaction: Our success parameters are not the amount of business that we pursue, we prioritize client satisfaction over monitory gains.

Leadership Team

Raoson Managing Director

Nayan Kumar Rao

(Founder & Managing Director)

Commerce Graduate from SIES college of Commerce and Economics, Nayan started his career at TATA – CMC. During his 16 years of career, Nayan has excelled in all roles offered at various capacities and domains from Indian Multinational Conglomerates to SME’s. With his micro-analytical skill, process driven strategic planning & acute decision making to manage the most complex situations has gained him acknowledgement from prominent personalities from business community. His professional journey characterises the substantial rise through the ranks. In a span of as short as 5 years, from start of his career as Team Leader – Senior Analyst. Subsequently Sales Manager & Building Development Manager in later years, reveals his passion for excellence and kaizen approach in his life. He played an instrumental role in many high profile acquisitions for all companies. He laid the foundation of Raoson Business & Softech Solutions in 2013 with a vision to offer sustainability & competitiveness to the less privileged business segment.

Raoson Human Resources Head

Supriya Gurav

(Head – Human Resource)

Supriya holds a Management Diploma in Human Resource with over 12 years experience in HR functions for KPO, Electronics, Real Estate, Construction and automobile industry. She started her career with KPO sector and gradually developed her expertise in various functional areas like recruitment, training, induction, attendance system and payroll. Attention to details and supportive approach towards the most precious resource have enabled organizations to reduce employee turnover drastically. With her cooperative nature & friendly attitude she creates delightful work atmosphere that every employee love to work in.

Over 16 years of experience we’ll ensure you always get the best guidance.