Designing Robust Social Media Marketing Strategy

Designing Robust Social Media Marketing Strategy


With advancement in technology, business sector is getting transformed from traditional to hi-tech. The technology has opened new horizons to marketers as well. With about 4.75 billion mobile users worldwide, presents the greatest opportunity to marketers to explore new markets.

As every coin has two sides, technology also offered the challenge as cut throat competition. Customers are now more exposed to information & reviews which highly influence the decision making process. Digital marketing evolved as a solution by offering exponential reach that influence the customer. Social Media platforms started getting their stand as an effective media.

Many Start-ups & small business engaged themselves in trying to leverage the media to promote their business but end up wasting their resources like time and man power and started defining it as improper or unconventional media. The fact is, you require to develop a strategy for social media marketing as you do for traditional media.

The question arises is how do we develop the Social Media Strategy. Designing a Full proof social media marketing strategy requires few significant aspects. Below are few factors that can enhance your abilities to use the social media platforms.

Focus on singular goals

One of the biggest mistake that most of the marketers make is in deciding a goal. First thing every marketer should understand that approach should be specific with respect to goal. Do not try to aim multiple targets with one arrow, it will result into utmost failure. Now let’s understand what you are trying to achieve, is it the brand you want to promote, drive traffic to website, driving conversions, increasing online presence or optimizing the search.


Do you seriously feel that you can solely handle the diversity of all the social media platforms? I doubt!!! Let’s understand one thing clearly, a single person cannot design the entire strategy for social media marketing. Even if someone tries to do so, it will result into shortcoming of ideas & innovation. Eventually resulting into failure of your attempts to make an efficient base on these platforms. Deciding an Agile team which is more innovative & capable enough to prevent submerging of your ideas into an ocean of junk. Advantage of multiple research & insights will develop more opportunities into additional verticals.


If you want to hit the bull’s eye, then it completely depend upon target audience & the way you approach. Ask yourself few questions and try to get the answers.

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are the expectation of audience?
  • How do you standout in terms of products or services that are already available in the market?
  • What is the behavior of audience to similar promotions?
  • What loopholes does your competitors have in providing to audience?

Once you are through these questions and you have found way out, you have almost accomplished what you are expecting.


Channels are nothing but the sources through which you are going to connect to your audience. It can be Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & many more. Do a research on platform that will provide best opportunities for your business. Determine the best channel that enhances your connection to your audience & a better way for response from them. Last but not the least, the channel should provide you with better analytic insights of all your promotions.


Make a research on response of audience on similar business models, audience interests & reactions on similar promotions. Study which kind of campaigns are useful for your plan. For example: if you want to promote your business locally, you can make a campaign specific to local business promotion which gives you leverage to promote on custom location.  Another important thing, try to act as human if you expect better interactions from audience, people never want to communicate with automated approach. Do Not Spam is the key to avoid loss of prospects, consistency is good but once you develop a negative impact, you lose potential customer.


You would never know how your promotion has worked unless you measure the campaign. Insights such as traffic, clicks, time, leads, etc are of utmost importance. If you fail to track these then it’s a disaster. Evaluation of promotion helps you make better decision in the future for planning a campaign.


When we talk about ROI, should it be only concerned to revenue generation? ROI is temporary but if we are looking for long run there are more aspects to keep in mind. Measuring the quality of leads or prospect & its influence in growing your business. Evaluate “Before & After Effects” of promotions. Once all these factors are accomplished, determining Return of Investments becomes effortless.

Comprehensive Social Media Strategy designed by following the given significant aspects will help you create robust plan with clear vision and parameters that offers the scope to evaluate and modify the plans to achieve the goal. Comment below with your opinions and suggestions.


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