6 Future Trends for Recruitment Process Outsourcing Consultants

6 Future Trends for Recruitment Process Outsourcing Consultants

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The Recruitment scenario is now evolving with the increased emphasis on candidate experience and improved employer branding.  Process oriented strategies are now developed for positive experience of applicants. Such strategies are also implemented for promotion of employee branding. Hiring statistics are showing developments due to RPO services and recruitment process outsourcing. Analysing the key future trends and their compatibility with Recruitment Process Outsourcing will lead to growth oriented results. In terms of Indian market structure, RPO is fast growing industry being equal up to Rs.400 crore and is estimated to grow 40 -50% per year.

Let’s have a look on certain future trends into recruitment for 2018 and contribution of RPO service providers towards those trends:

Upgraded in terms of technology:

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Recruiters have now decided to try all possibilities in order to get the required and meet hiring needs. Hence they prefer relying on technology more and hence technology will be necessity. Hence new interviewing trends are on rise such as video interviewing, online assessments. In terms of frontline hiring, such online assessments bring efficiency by up to 40—60% into IT companies. Overall, this has increased hiring efficiency by 50 -60 %. The RPO service enables qualitative technology oriented recruiting into IT and other sectors.

Data Analytics:

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Data Analytics is now considered a future trend into recruitment. Due to RPO companies, recruitment professionals have changed from intuition based to data oriented decisions. In Indian context, almost 55% accounts for analytics usage and this will increase considering the entry of analytics in workforce planning and utilisation. (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) RPO helps in efficient data management for talent acquisition.

Candidate experience:

Through using (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) RPO service, companies are portraying respectful image in order to develop candidate experience. Top and deserving candidates are now willing to join companies that regulate proper recruitment processes for better candidate experience. Recruitment Process Outsourcing thus helps in attracting the best talent for your organisation.


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Outsourcing has been observed as an upcoming trend for the future. (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) RPO consultants are now using social media tools and analytics for outsourcing candidates. More than 90% resources use social media as recruitment tool and this figure is expected to grow. Retaining the existing talent and searching for new candidates is crucial. Outsourcing will now rise with use of social media and analytics for this purpose. Job and candidate matchmaking is now possible with technology oriented RPO service providers.

Process oriented and sales strategy:

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Process oriented and sales strategy into recruitment results into disciplined culture for recruitment. Such strategies help the recruiters in deciding the targets to achieve, collating resource information and closing the requirements as per hiring needs. The intention here is to practise sales based approach that will include developing branding campaigns, tracking databases, using tools and reporting. This is trend observed for RPO service providers and RPO consultants are in compliance with this practise.

Employer branding:

The concept of employer branding is emerging. Many employers are taking the marketing perspective in order to meet the recruitment needs. They are using social media channels, video marketing and making their employment provision a brand.  This being an upcoming trend, RPO consultants are into employee branding and against the traditional methods.

For RPO consultants, the above future recruitment trends are expected to change recruitment scenario. Recruitment process outsourcing will help to deal effectively and contribute positively to recruiters with these trends.

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