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Our Digital Marketing service ensures your visibility to 77% of primary searches that people perform before visiting a doctor.

More patients rely on Google and Social Media to decide on Healthcare service provider for them and start searching for specific health issue or service.

Our SEO Based Content Strategy will help you rank among the top search results with relevant information to searches.

Our strategy help you focus on your practice without worrying about patient relation and promotions.

Research conducted by a healthcare research firm reveals that with change in consumer & patient behavior, people consider online information for deciding the healthcare service provider and hence perform Google search and Social Media search for specific health issue or service. In most of the cases, patients receive Sales Pitch or websites with products & services which are irrelevant to their query.

We create content that answer your patients’ queries which will end their search of other websites. We help in building trust to your brand by offering helpful impartial advice which is more relevant to patient.

At RAOSON Business & Softech Solutions, we implement Digital Marketing Strategy that convert a stranger into your promoter / advocate by implementing various strategy to Attract, Convert, Close and Delight patients.