Our RPO service helps you gain the data and insights to predict current & future recruiting demands & talent acquisitions. With our RPO intelligence, we enable you to reach market in depth & discover talent that your competitors can't recognize.

About Us

Financially speaking, statistics indicate that the HR industry is 10$ billion in size. Hence resource management and recruitment process outsourcing is crucial. Our expert recruiters deal with this challenge. With our tech enabled recruitment process outsourcing service, we acquire resources in least time into the required industry.

  • We are renowned for Domestic and Global RPO services to acquire candidates with the right skill set that matches client's requirement
  • Our expert & personalized services make us the most sought company for Oil & Gas, Automobile, Real Estate and IT sector
  • Our services are centred on offering cost-efficiency, flexibility, economies of scope and economies of scale that enables you to gain uninterrupted supply of resources with powerful skill-sets
  • Our resource management capabilities are driven by process oriented recruitment aligned with customized HR & Payroll software
  • We streamline client's operation by offering time-saving, cost-effective and accurate hiring of the resources with skill-sets.
  • We drive the growth for our clients by recruiting effective, efficient, sustainable & credible human resources.
  • International
  • Domestic
For Corporate Customers

Customers can get round the clock assistance from our team of skilled recruiters. We offer these services:

International Executive Search Firms:

For domestic clients we have certain processes streamlined for its time saving candidate recruitment. The RPO team for its domestic corporate customers can perform these activities:

  • Provide the list of prospective candidate & shortlisted candidate from the database
  • Convert shortlisted candidate into job applicants
  • Coordinate and facilitate the applicants interview.
  • Increase and develop Clients Job Board & CV Database Subscriptions by uncovering talent layers.
  • Direct Headhunting of Prospective Candidates
  • Database optimization services

Our services are not limited in anyway. If you do not see any of the recruitment services that you wish to outsource, please feel free to contact us with your requirement and we will be happy to help.

Domestic RPO Services:

As one of the prominent RPO service provider, we undertake end to end staffing & Human Resource solutions to our clients. The process includes recruitment & selection, on boarding procedure, workman hour tracking, training, attendance & payroll management including financial obligations like processing salaries on enterprise basis or project basis. We understand required set of skills for effective delivery of project and accordingly keep tracking and shortlisting resources. Our in-depth understanding of labour low adhering to various industries enables us to keep transparency during various processes that eliminate the chances of any grievance between employee and client.

For domestic clients we have certain processes streamlined for its time saving candidate recruitment. The RPO team for its domestic corporate customers can perform following activities:

  • Data Mining : As an RPO expert, managing huge data of the resources is crucial & very basic function. Hence categorizing data on the basis of gender, age, employee skill set or financial data are practiced and stored. This is beneficial in terms of working with targeted manner as per the strategy at the least cost. This will enable our clients in taking accurate decisions.
  • Task Management : Our task management system enables us to keep a track of each employees task efficiency by helping us in tracking number of hours spent on each task with efficiency. This enables client to measure the performance of employee and manage the project deadlines effectively.
  • Leave Management: The online leave management system and attendance as part of the RPO service. Ensuring presence of right staff for daily task performance and requirement is essential. Leave approval and disapproval is now effectively managed
  • Attendance management : Managing employees attendance to measure productivity and efficiency is very important to determine the performance of the company. As RPO consultant, our recruitment process outsourcing and attendance management leads to compliance and organizational discipline
  • Payroll Management: Our automated payroll system provides time saving processing of employees salaries, leaves and taxes, employees details of remuneration. This enables us to calculate all components related to salaries for each of the employees and process them with efficiency after getting it approved by the client.

With this efficient RPO system we have helped many of our clients to effectively focus on their project without getting worried about recruitment and other HR processes.

Executive Search & Selection
Executive Search & Selection:

Identification and preliminary assessment of candidates are done according to clients need. Sourcing of candidate data is a result of combination of various sources like external advertising, computerized candidate search from databank, headhunting and reach of extensive network developed through years in the business.

Senior Management Search
Senior Management Search:

Higher management designations are significant and crucial for all organisations. We understand this need and utilize our industry knowledge & proven processes to track, locate and fill key senior management positions in an organization. Our higher management designations are responsible for operation with complete confidentiality & discretion. This service is generally designed for the level of general manager & above and also on retainer-ship basis.

director serach
CEO/COO/Board Member/Independent Director Search:

The recruitment search for senior management designations is extremely confidential and needs trusted recruiter. Our knowledgeable recruiter understands the business requirements and ongoing senior management of the organizations. Our senior consultants work in an integrated manner with your management to identify, track, convince, negotiate and bring on board the best candidates in the talent marketplace. These positions are generally on retainer-ship basis.

International Search:

Through our network of associates & support offices in multiple countries, we provides executive search services for organizations beyond India. Our International executive search and support at middle, senior and top management level fulfils organizations talent acquisition necessity, generally on retainer-ship basis.

human resource services
Human Resource Administrative Services

We undertake & support HR functions on outsourced basis. The activities include:

  • Test administration
  • Resume Management Services
  • Advertisement placement and response handling
  • Payroll processing
  • Training Administration Activities
employee leasing
Employee Leasing ( Professional Employer Organization - PEO) services

We aim at providing one-stop workforce management solution for customers on short and long term basis. Our Employee Leasing Services are supported at more than 500 locations all over India. The major services and benefits are as mentioned below.

  • Test administration
  • Resume Management Services
  • Advertisement placement and response handling
  • Payroll processing
  • Training Administration Activities
temporary staffing solution
Temporary Staffing Services.

As placement consultant, we offer uninterrupted supply of temporary or seasonal talent as per customers need in a fixed time frame. Such services of ours, provide customers with talented resources at short duration for various projects without enrolling for the permanent recruitment service.

We provide temporary staffing solutions for below positions and profile:

  • Routine Skills - (Junior, Middle level)
  • Specialized Skills - (Junior, Middle level)
  • Senior Management
  • Contract to Hire Services
Enterprise training services
Enterprise Training Services

Our services include Providing Enterprise learning solutions to customers, comprising:

I. Customized Training Programs:

Training Programs are designed & executed as per customer Needs:

  • Technical programs
  • General programs
  • Domain Specific programs

II. Standard training Programs:

Programs which are conducted on regular basis as per schedule are:

  • Technical programs
  • General programs
RPO Process
rpo process

Be it your decision to outsource recruitment function or some of your key positions, our extensive and flexible model is a perfect choice to address your need. We serve as a partner to your recruitment function that could arise out of strong growth or a result of your need to have an assist or expert.

  • Our RPO consultants works as a part of your team, working with hiring managers and handling talent acquisition from posting to selection.
  • Our RPO consultants works as a part of your team, working with hiring managers and handling talent acquisition from posting to selection.
  • Our RPO processes leads to time saving, reliable recruitment, limited costs for recruitment, improved recruitment target capacity and consistent recruit to hire process.
  • Along with these benefits, the Recruitment Process Outsourcing also provides you with developing the quality of recruited candidates and senior authority satisfaction. Efficient talent acquisition is now possible with us RPO consultants
  • We can hire great candidates and resources at higher pace.
  • Oil & Gas
  • Automobile
  • Real Estate & Property
  • Information Technology

Get the apt workforce into the Oil and gas industry with Our RPO.

The Oil and gas industry ranks as one of the 6 most important industries in India. This industry proves to contribute majorly to the overall Indian economic system. As the consumption of petroleum oil and gas is increasing at a worldwide stage, getting appropriate staffing solutions for the vast oil and gas industry is important. We as one of the prominent RPO companies, contribute through providing productive workforce.

We provide capable, proficient staff and workforce into the petroleum oil and gas industry. Our emphasis lies on the quality of workers according to the industry requirement by providing skilled & experienced professionals.


The overall market share of automobile industry is almost 86%, it requires a sustainable workforce and resources. As job placement consultants, we provide automobile resources such as sales executive, administrative executive and mechanics to management teams that are competent. Since the automobile industry is further evolving globally, efficient workforce in this industry is the need of the hour.

As a RPO consultant, we believe in contributing skill based workforce in automobile industry. Our facilitated resources will help in rise of production.


Due to the rapid expansion of commercial and residential spaces, real estate sector is globally recognized. In Indian context, real estate sector ranks second in terms of employment. We also contribute in terms of skill based, capable and competent workforce into the property sector.

As a recruitment process outsourcing company, we aim to provide sustainable employment solutions into real estate and property sector.


The competition and future opportunities in IT industry demands stable resources. We cater to all organizations recruitment needs and solutions into the vast IT industry. We possess expertise in IT market globally and locally, we match the best solution for the talent needs. Our extensive market knowledge and understanding of diverse requirement of the sector enables us to deliver the appropriate IT recruitment solution as per organizations needs.

Our team of expert IT recruiters understand the technology and best matched skill required that helped us gain 62% success ratio for providing quality candidates to our customers.

IT industry